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    1. Foot-on-Carbon : The revolutionary S-Wing liners are designed with a 60% increase in the blade pocket to allow the diver's foot to fully cover the blade, this feature significantly improves load distribution and comfort level.
    2. Sky-Boot System : S-Wing liners feature a system of variable stiffness bands distributed across the liner that firmly hold and constrain the diver's foot, allowing for optimal energy transfer and improved overall energy efficiency.
    3. High Stiffness Sole : S-Wing liners feature a stiffened sole, preventing liner deformation under high blade load, allowing the liners to be compatible with virtually all blade types. The stiffened blade pocket perfectly secures the blade, improving energy transfer by up to 30% compared to traditional liners.
    4. Open Flow System : The unique open flow water channeling design allows for optimal hydrodynamic performance without the use of traditional blade rails, reducing the weight and overall performance of the liner.
    5. Twinzer system : equipped with two vertical stabilizers to avoid lateral sliding movement and further optimize the water channeling.
    6. Anti-Twist System : Designed with a rigid U-shaped front liner reinforcement that prevents liner deformation under heavy loads.
    7. Anatomical Comfort : The liners are anatomically designed to maximize comfort by wrapping and following the natural shape of the foot.
    8. Hi-efficiency Water rail: The well-known high-efficiency water rail of CETMA COMPOSITES has been designed, with the aim of minimizing the amount of rubber, with a section with variable height in the length of the blade.
    9. No Weight Material: The material used for the s-WiNG liner is an innovative rubber blend that combines the high elasticity of natural rubber with the durability of thermoplastic rubber. The result is a material with a density of 1.05 (grams / cubic centimeter) which means no weight in water.