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The Seatec Vela fin was born from the union of the PRS foot pocket and the Vela blade in polymers.

The PRS was born from the observation that, while for the shovels the market was active to create a wide offer (variation of the polymer, variation of the hardness, of the shape; search for different materials such as carbon and fibreglass) for the shoe the defect remained that By inserting the blade into the appropriate pocket just under the sole of the foot, there was a notable dispersion of energy. Even a polymer shovel can give greater performance if the reaction of the shovel is transmitted exactly to the heel of the foot.

The blade of the Seatec VELA is made of top quality polymers with innovative technical characteristics which, combined with the particular shape specifically designed which recalls the caudal fin of large pelagics, guarantee optimal yield and thrust. Special grooves and two drifts located at the end, 170mm long and 11mm high, allow perfect channeling of the water flow. These drifts create a slight stiffening of the blade and allow greater thrust even in the terminal section. The pleasant satin finish, in addition to making the water slide better, adds a scratchy touch to the line. The maximum width of the blade is 213mm with a maximum thickness of 4mm which tapers to 2mm