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The carbon blades are made of pure 285-T2 carbon fiber. This fabric has proven to be the best choice for our carbon blades due to the combination of high strength and instant reaction. Selected carbon fiber combined with the best epoxy resin offers rigidity, reliability and long life. The carbon weaving style eliminates wrinkling, cracking and distortion of the blade and ensures complete resin absorption, ensuring quick recall and greater flexibility. PROCESS Each pair is heat processed for 36 hours and cured at 8 tons of pressure for 24 hours. This process gives SUPREME carbon blades a glossy surface that minimizes water friction and more responsive performance. The manufacturing process minimizes the disposal of carbon fabric and epoxy resin. WATER GUIDES The SUPREME carbon blades offer exceptional performance during deep dives thanks to the lateral water guides. These elastic spoilers work like guides, creating a water channel that prevents the fins from sliding to the sides and saves precious energy for divers. FLAP-SHAPED EDGE After testing different shapes of fin edges for hundreds of hours, we have come to the conclusion that the SUPREME flap-shaped edge not only overcomes the effort of the diver, but also adds an extra push at the end of the fin movement leg. This element allows the diver to consume less energy compared to previous concave-shaped models. The SUPREME S-CURVE blades deflect the power created by the diver's movement along their entire length. This was achieved thanks to the internal layout of the carbon fabric. The special internal design gives the blades the ability to take under pressure a curved double S shape which offers the best flexibility, efficiency and functionality. 33o ANGLE The best fin performance is achieved by increasing the blade angle and this requires a well trained diver who constantly practices and maintains their fitness. The 33° angle comforts highly experienced divers who maintain their fitness conditions and bring perfect results. The diver feels the superiority of the SUPREME by swimming long distances and planning free fall in deep dives. SUPREME blades combined with PATHOS shoes offer more dynamic results.