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The shovels Fortress Tonneau , built on the basis of the best known Mach2 Carbon of Fortress, are distinguished by the elegant silver livery given by the surface layers made of Alutex, an aluminum fiber fabric, sandwiched to the internal structure in pre-impregnated carbon.

Unique in their kind, ideal not only for spearfishing but also for pure freediving, they have proven to have the best efficiency ratio among the Fortress blades in the catalog, in particular for dynamic freediving in the pool or for deep dives. on the cable.

Tests in the swimming pool in dynamic freediving with fins have shown that with the same intensity and frequency of kicking as other models, and therefore of energy consumption, the Fortress Tonneau allowed to obtain several more meters of distance, in proportion to the total distance traveled.

For underwater fishing, these blades are particularly suitable for "fishing in the blue" as the light and reflective livery acts similarly to a "flasher" with attractive power for large pelagic predators that show particular curiosity for the sinuous movements of the Fortress Tonneau .

Tests carried out in challenging seas and oceans such as those of the Indian Ocean of Mozambique and Madagascar have confirmed this characteristic.

These shovels can be set up with shoes of the main scuba brands and can be purchased already set up with Pathos Fireblade or Mares Razor shoes.

They are made in SOFT intermediate hardness.

Technical specifications:

Total length: 87 cm

Length at the crease: 76 cm

Maximum width: 20.8 mm

Tilt angle: 31 °

Net weight: 260 gr

NB The blades are supplied with separate water rail: fixing (with cyanoacrylate glue) is the responsibility of the final customer