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The new carbon blades MACH2 SHORT produced by FORTRESS, younger sisters of the MACH2, inspired by the most performing freediving and spearfishing blades currently on the market and developed with the contribution of internationally renowned agonists, represent an evolution in terms of materials, lightness and performance, thanks to the use of high quality prepreg carbon assisted by a design and manufacturing that have left nothing to chance.

The result is an effective and reliable fin, whose performances are fully and immediately usable both by the expert user and by those who, for the first time, want to enter the world of carbon. A "ready" fin that does not need "running in" or periods of adaptation.

Powerful in vertical swimming, light in horizontal swimming, the MACH2 is a very flexible shovel in use: its characteristics will be appreciated both by those who go out in a dinghy, perhaps for challenging dives, and by those who start from the ground and travel long itineraries. only on their own legs. In both cases, you can count on a surprising boost and, at the same time, a significant and real reduction in muscle fatigue.

The MACH2 SHORT blades can be fitted with shoes from the main diving commercial brands (they are supplied with separate water-rails, to be glued by the customer).

They are made in a single intermediate hardness

Technical specifications:

Total length: 77 cm

Length at the crease: 66 cm

Maximum width: 20.8 mm

Tilt angle: 31 °

Net weight: 240 gr

NB The blades are supplied with separate water rail: fixing (with cyanoacrylate glue) is the responsibility of the final customer