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The “PIERCING” ogive is presented as an essential and robust object, but it is the synthesis of a great construction technology. The bow is made of raw AISI316, or cold drawn to increase its mechanical resistance. The balls are joined to the bow by means of TIG welding.

The Piercing ogive is very short, but stiff! It therefore distances the rubber bands and allows you to have a clean line of sight. The dyneema nose cones are excellent, but being soft the bands overlap and we have to get used to a bit more complex aiming references. This is not the case with the piercing.

Another fundamental feature is the possibility of using the Piercing ogive on rods with notches and pins without wear problems.

But the most interesting thing is that with this new concept of ogive we are able to have spheres with a diameter of 5 mm, very small compared to normal spheres of 8 or more millimeters, which therefore allow a more contained swelling of the rubber bands near the binding, with a consequent reduction of friction to the shot which, together with the reduced weight, gives its contribution in terms of ballistic performance.

Piercing L2:

Width 30 mm.

Length 24 mm.

Recommended for 14 and 16 mm elastics.