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  • In SEATEC production there is no shortage of steel arms with ball head for ligatures with M3 threaded ends to which the heads can be coupled to mount the different types of arches (also called ogives) for the optimization of the nock according to the rod used.

  • The SMOBY series of arches covers all the hooking needs, the round model made of stainless steel wire fits well with the traditional "notches" present in Tahitian rods, always in stainless steel wire the spur arch fits perfectly to the fins , to pins and spurs which are increasingly popular among manufacturers of speargun shafts.

  • The polynesia and polynesia XL headband together with one of the steel wire arches form a triptych that thanks to the appropriately designed dimensions ensure that the bands stretch without overlapping along the shaft of the tornado models

  • The SEATEC and SEATEC xl arches are more traditional and are more suitable for hooking onto a classic tahitian in mono or double rubber.

  • Polynesia. Seatec reinforced and mobile headband.