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New freediving mask with an exclusive and refined look made in collaboration with MOMO Design.

The main feature of this mask, however, is constituted by the visual field which remains almost unchanged compared to the natural one that you have without wearing anything and which is about 30% higher than a classic freediving mask such as the Alien.

The internal volume is so low that if a mask like the Alien is normally compensated starting from 8/9 m of depth, this ZERO3 does not need compensation before 18 m of depth.
A result that will make spearfishing more comfortable and enjoyable.

All the details have been made with an obsessive attention to functionality and look.
The system for adjusting the strap as well as the strap itself is innovative.
The skirt has some knurled surfaces to prevent the refraction of sunlight and to facilitate the compensation operation (gloves do not slip when you go to squeeze your nose).