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The SPORASUB MYSTIC mask is built with only two components: the mask body in polycarbonate and the facepiece in liquid silicone, which mechanically fix the lenses, without the aid of the classic lens rings.
This design allows you to save space and reduce the internal volume of the mask, expressly designed for spearfishing.
The absence of the rings also allows to increase the visual field on the external perimeter of the lens.
The protruding belt adjustment teeth have been thickened in order to obtain a greater adjustment range.
The hooks are made of acetal resin to increase the traction and flexion effort and are firmly fixed to the mask body, thus leaving the skirt free, which can better adapt to the different morphologies of the face.
Their rotation, downwards or upwards, has a maximum angle of about 70 degrees.
The TPR faceplate is co-molded into the mask body but the mask is still removable, thus allowing the use of optical lenses.
Both the mask body and the skirt have an anti-reflective satin finish.
WEIGHT: 145g