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Revolutionary Pathos handle made of nylon and fiberglass, its shape makes the grip safe and very precise, thanks to the universal knob or for left or right hand. The whole is even lower than the D'Angelo 1, this makes shooting even more intuitive. Also compatible on all 26.0mm internal diameter drums and supplied with o-ring. The mechanism and the trigger are completely in stainless steel and are the flower in the eyelet of this handle, smoothed and polished by a particular machine that makes the 400 kg release as light as a twig and really very sensitive. In the D'Angelo 2, the sternal support is integrated and the extra rubber pad is already available to make loading more comfortable.

As standard, it is sold with a white right butt plate but shaped and pre-shaped knobs for left and universal hands are available, both white and red. Replacement O-rings are also available