ELASTIC CETMA MAGNUM PLUS 14 - 16 - 17.5 - 19 - 20 mm (CM)

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The new MAGNUM PLUS by CETMA COMPOSITES elastics are made with materials of the highest quality and purity.
This is the first rubber on the market without additives so you can experience the real properties of pure natural rubber. In fact, all commercial rubber is made with different additives, for example anti-UV additives which also modify the mechanical performance of the rubber. On the contrary our rubber is pure but with a thin outer layer which is a UV-blocking filter (black layer).
So for the first time you can experience the performance of natural rubber !!!

They have been designed and built with a 4-layer structure:
1. the first layer, starting from the outside towards the inside, is an iridescent metallic copper-colored layer that assumes the color of the backdrop, has the function of mimicry and protection of the elastic;
2. The second layer, black in color, serves to protect the inner layers from ultraviolet rays to ensure that the PURE NATURAL latex present inside does not deteriorate over time.
3. The third layer, gray in color, is made of latex with a higher modulus in order to increase the resistance to binding of the elastic.
4. The last layer, the inner one, is made of pure latex.

Thanks to the barrier layers that we have inserted on the outside, pure latex can be used without using additives. This feature makes our product more performing than other traditional elastics and allows to maintain the performance of the elastic over time.
The outer layers are in any case made of latex with particular additives which, in addition to serving the specific functions, also contribute to the reactivity of the elastic.

They are also available with significantly lower internal hole diameters than traditional ones (only 0.9 mm) allowing for a greater quantity of rubber with the same external diameter and consequently greater power of the elastic.
Their internal structure makes them very performing at different elongation factors, keeping the load constant with the elastic under tension even with elongations up to 350%.

The table shows the forces developed for different elongation factors, these data are useful for setting up your speargun, but we strongly suggest you try with a 300% elongation, already at this factor you can appreciate the enormous power and stability developed. !!!

CETMA COMPOSITES Magnum Plus Rubber Band Hardness / Type Force at 300% elong. Force at 310% elong. Force at 320% elong. Force at 330% elong. Force at 340% elong. Force at 350% elong. Force at 400% elong.
Ф 14mm hole 2mm Semi-Reactive 18.2 kg 18.8 kg 19.4 kg 20 kg 20.5 kg 21 kg 24 kg
Ф 14mm hole 0.9mm Reactive 21 kg 21.4 kg 21.8 kg 22.5 kg 23.2 kg 24 kg 27 kg
Ф 16mm hole 0.9mm Reactive 27 kg 27.4 kg 28 kg 28.8 kg 29.5 kg 30 kg 34 kg
Ф 19mm hole 0.9mm Reactive 33 kg 33.7 kg 34.5 kg 35.4 kg 36 kg 37 kg 40 kg