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Hard 3 blocks, a new pulley system designed and built to organize and support the load of tires on Inverter and gearbox spearguns.
The pulley has been machined from solid from a bar of a special polymer and is characterized by a groove deep enough to ensure maximum adherence of the line inside, so as to avoid slippage.
The tires are joined to the trolley by means of three small hourglass-shaped cylinders, binding them centrally and ensuring a symmetrical and well-balanced load of the elastic with the whole structure.
The frame, made of stainless steel, is composed of two 1.5mm thick fully discharged plates, so as to reduce weight to a minimum. The axis of the pulley, of the "through" type, has been designed to guarantee the holding of any load without compromising the functioning of the structure.
Using the rhombus arrangement, the block Hard 3 can mount up to four rubber bands, optimizing the overall dimensions and maintaining their correct positioning. This system guarantees maximum performance and reliability.
Sold in packs of two.