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The "Snook" buoy It is specially designed for constant and variable weight for spearfishing. It is made in High resistance PVC , thickness: 5mm + 5mm (double layer). Its shape has been tested to offer less resistance to wind and waves. It has the ability to hold 2 rifles with special elastic bands, and can carry one or more leashes, not only to maintain balance, but also to give the diver the ability to change his buoyancy in the open sea (especially for divers starting from the shore). The stainless D rings they are a good diameter to hold large forces, so this buoy can also be used to attach your variable weight or to "work" a large fish, if attached to your speargun. Is composed by 2 pieces : 1 internal chamber and lid. On the cover there is a high-quality plastic zipper for opening. The orange color offers the best visibility.

Measurement: cm 90 x 30 x 20 (height)

Diving flag included.

* rope not included.