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The new frontier of Sigal temples in heat-treated Sandvik steel.
Hardness: about 10% more than the previous production. Elastic return: up to 30% faster.
Stiffness: up to 15/20% more than the previous ones.

Fins modified by hand to ensure that they do not close after passing the fish.
Filing and polishing of the underside of the pins after driving.
"Slide" on all milling (fins, tang) to avoid sharp edges and sharp points. Manual file finishing of all parts with "burrs". Processing with special points to leave all holes rounded and mirror polished.

New series of fins, differentiated by 6 / 6.25 / 6.5 and 7 / 7.5 rods, in order to increase the milling of the housing, keeping them as adherent as possible on all diameters.

1 / 1.2mm oversized mono fins. Differentiation also of the cones one for 6 / 6.25 / 6.5, one for 7 and one for 7.5 in order to always keep the turning to house it reduced to a minimum, so as not to weaken the tip.

Distances of the pins from the shank:
-Up to 125cm (excluded): 1st -> 65mm, 2nd -> 105mm, 3rd -> 180mm
-From 125cm (included): 1st -> 65mm, 2nd -> 105mm, 3rd -> 180mm, 4th -> 320mm