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The "Dyamant" Auction Concept
It's an auction very hydrodynamic, very refined, built with quality materials, rigid and versatile , with lowered pins, also suitable for rifles with closed and open muzzles of the traditional speargun type.
It is advisable, when fishing for large fish, to tie on the bridge, in front of the preloading fin

Technical description Dyamant shaft
  • The auction Dyamant it is built in 17.4 PH rectified
  • It is produced with 17.4 PH bars certified by the steelworks; straight and smooth
  • The auction Dyamant it is machined by numerical control (CNC)
  • The auction Dyamant it has 3 fins, 2 rearward (60/90 mm from the tang) and one preloading fin (200 mm from the tang), for diameters 6.25 and 6.5, 4 fins, 3 rearward (60/90/120 mm from the tang) and a preload one (200 mm from the shank) for diameter 7
  • The fins are finely angled and perfect, both for the use of dyneema and for other types of spinners
  • The recessed fin can be supplied, on request, in the double - single bottom - single top configuration.

How to connect the line to the rod
  • For all diameters
  • It has a hole in the tail and the bridge, in raw AISI 316, in front of the preload fin which offers a very large passage for the line and therefore allows the rods to be spliced ​​even with Kevlar-coated monofilaments