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The CANOVA 95 FULL OPTIONAL is supplied ready for fishing with all the standard accessories:
- CETMA COMPOSITES double-fin 7 mm Tahitian rod in ground PH steel that is tempered to a hardness of 49 HRC;
- High performance Double roll trigger mechanism;
- Support reel and reel in Real V50 Carbon with 50m of dyneema;
- Camera bracket;
- Gun bag;
- Head and kit of Magnum Pus elastics pre-assembled with the propulsion system you have selected, VELA or Y.
All accessories are made of 316L stainless steel and the pulleys in Derlin.

Canova ZR full CARBON 95 inverter-rollergun
Arbalete rifle with an elegant and modern design, with soft shapes inspired by the works of the great neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova.
The study of geometries and volumes, as well as aesthetic, is aimed at balancing loads, maximizing flexural stiffness and minimizing recoil, it is a roller with the proven VELA system and zero system (zero recoil or Y - name that comes from the elastic mounting system).
These amazing features allow for ease of swing, accuracy and precision never seen before.
Thanks to the trigger box set back by 3 centimeters, the Canova is a 98cm, from the fin to the steel stopper. On the VELA system, thanks to the innovation of the stopper, which is placed after the pulleys, it offers a really clean shooting line. This is to be able to make precise shots, far beyond all expectations.
High modulus carbon monocoque with closed structure.
The internal structure is in polyfunctional very low density polymer material with structural properties used for Aerospace applications. It is a closed cell polymer core with vibration damping capacity;

It has a cuttlefish bone shape, extremely thin, tapered towards the tip. On the upper face, next to the integral slide, two grooves are evident for the semi-disappearance of the upper elastic bands. Sideways two very inclined planes that facilitate the gripping of the upper elastic and ensure ease in lateral swing. On the whole lower part there is a single groove designed to conceally accommodate the propulsive group of the rubber bands.

Very low thickness: an average thickness of only 18 mm, with points of thickness of only 12 mm. Width that varies from 100 mm in the reel area, to then tighten again to 49 mm in the head. Available in the 95 cm version

Anti-glare matte finish. CETMA COMPOSITES products are not painted this is synonymous with quality, in fact very often low quality carbon products are painted to hide defects related to the production process.

Productive process
The completely innovative production process, discovered and studied by CETMA COMPOSITES is called "Zero-Defects Technology", allows to create a totally monolithic piece in carbon fiber with zero voids. This process therefore maximizes the performance of the structure, making it the maximum possible stiffness and unalterable over time

- System Y: ZR "zero recoil", it is an inveter roller with the proven propulsion system commonly called zero (zero recoil) or Y (name that comes from the assembly configuration of the rubber bands). The system consists of a pair of high-performance pulleys, on which a "controlled elongation" 14 mm diameter rubber band slides and two pairs of 16 mm diameter lower bands, with a 7mm - 1.25 cm shaft (not included in the kit).
This propulsion allows to have more mass that moves towards the shooter's arm, with consequent stability and cancellation of recoil phenomena.
- SAIL system: this is the system that maximizes the performance of the CANOVA speargun, a system that allows a shot well beyond 5 meters with zero recoil with centimeter accuracy. To this propulsion it is also possible to insert an additional 14mm elastic to increase the power of the speargun even more. It features a pair of 19mm central bands and a pair of 17mm external bands, with 7mm - 1.25cm shaft (not included in the kit).
The tires fitted as standard are the new MAGMUM PLUS by CETMA COMPOSITES.