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UP-X1 wrist computer with heart rate monitor

Dive computer that can be interfaced with a PC equipped with a heart rate monitor to be applied to the chest that allows you to monitor your heart rate even underwater.

The distinctive element of the UP-X1 is the bezel in real carbon fiber.

In addition to the classic functions of a digital watch (time, date, stopwatch, countdown, alarm, dual time zone), it has the "dive" function (which can be disabled) which provides in real time all the information on the dive being made (depth , duration of the dive, water temperature, heart rate).

The "Dive" function is automatically activated when you reach a depth of 1 m and when you re-emerge the "Surface" function automatically starts, showing the recovery time on the surface together with the heartbeat and the information of maximum depth and total time of the dive previous one.

The UP-X1 is customizable with your own data so that you can also provide an indication of calorie consumption and heart rate status.

Great importance was given to the battery life; the UP-X1 can be easily turned off during periods of inactivity and, by inserting the "Powersave" function, it is possible that after a short period of inactivity it automatically switches to the stand-by function where only a small icon showing the 'hours.

The UP-X1 is equipped with a memory of 250 dives.

Once the UP-X1 is connected to your PC, you can download all the memories in a special program that allows you to view and archive all the information recorded. Through this program for PC (not available for Mac) it is also possible to download (free) updates that will be available from time to time.

The package includes: UP-X1 watch, heart rate monitor, PC connection cable, software and user manual.