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The Evolution shaft with notches is made by Sigal Sub using the best quality Swedish Sandvik steel, heat treated to increase its mechanical characteristics.

It is a sturdy, rigid and very precise shaft, perfect for both closed and open muzzle spearguns.

The two new generation hooking notches are not simply milled as usually happens, but are obtained with a particular technique that allows the creation of a rounded profile seat, devoid of sharp edges and edges. The notches of the Evolution therefore allow the use of dyneema ogives, without the risk of these being damaged or breaking quickly.

The shank is manually finished to avoid sharp points or sharp edges.

The fins, made of raw AISI 316L steel, guarantee great resistance, and are of the "embedded" type. That is, they partially disappear in the auction profile.
The single fin is modified by hand to prevent it from closing after passing the fish, it is positioned as per standard in the upper position but can also be requested in the lower position.