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Handle and release mechanism

The handle of the Pathos Laser Roller Carbon is the D'Angelo 3 latest generation, symmetrical for right and left handed, and with release mechanism 100% stainless steel . The latter is in 316 stainless steel and tested 20 times at 250 kg before being placed on the market. According to Pathos, the mechanism is very simple and without a wheel, because in the opinion of the Greek company the wheel can have problems with use and salt water. The system is particularly sensitive and with a very short trigger stroke . The mechanism is a solution of "Inverted" which adds 7 cm more loading length than standard mechanisms. The monofilament release steel lever is small and positioned in the upper part of the mechanism. The design of the handle is made so that the top is as thin as possible and allows excellent alignment of the hand with the line of the shot. The handle is in glass filled nylon , while the handle cover is in white ADS foam for better grip and visibility underwater if the rifle is left at the bottom of the sea. The front part of the handle has two small " wings ", not exactly well finished, but functional, to keep the line away from the line of sight and avoid interference with the quadrilateral.


The stem of the Pathos Laser Roller Carbon it's a high quality carbon fiber tube of 30 mm in diameter , with a wall of 2 mm thick. Pathos points out that the carbon tube used is tested for does not bend in sizes up to 140cm , and of course, in sizes 100 and 110cm, it is really inflexible. The rod guide is glued to the tube as, according to Pathos, this leads to greater accuracy. After long tests, in fact, the Pathos technical team has verified that the shaft guide integrated on the carbon fiber rod could cause some problems. On the barrel a special cuttlefish-shaped float (cuttlefish bone) has the function of to balance the speargun perfectly giving buoyancy, it also adds a bit of mass and connects the rubber bands of the Roller system, without making any holes in the barrel. Pathos was the first company to apply this type of solution. The connection of the barrel with the handle and the muzzle has the double solution, which gives the maximum seal but loses some air volume, of two O-rings plus a plug . The available lengths of the barrel are many: 50, 60, 75, 82, 90, 100, 110 and 120.

Head and rubber bands

There headboard is made of glass-filled Nylon and combines a Roller system with a circular elastic solution, something quite unique on the market, and wanted by Pathos to integrate the long pull of the Roller system with a more immediate push given by the circular elastic. Even if the warhead has this double solution, its weight remains quite low. A special system with water bearing on the wheels of the Roller system allows the elimination of the bearings that with salt water can, according to Pathos, have problems.

The elastic , as mentioned, are one for the Roller system, elastic that can be hooked in the lower part of the rod to the float, and the other circular as a booster. The elastic of the system Roller is in 16 mm red TNT in diameter and has an elongation coefficient of 2.9, while the elastic circular booster is 14 mm with an elongation coefficient of 3.1 . The muzzle also supports the lower fin of the rod so that no retention ring is required.


The shaft for all lengths of the Pathos Laser Carbon Roller is a solution of 7 mm in diameter made of steel Sandvik , with four fins , one of which is mid-length to facilitate loading. The tip of the rod is tricuspid for greater penetration and resistance and there is a single flap positioned at the bottom.