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Omer Cayman HF2 speargun is made thanks to Hydro Forming technology and characterized by a "double cuttlebone" blank designed to be very manageable in the water and have a shooting power typical of spearguns with large mass and extreme stiffness of the blank.

Each size is studied in its geometries to optimize volumes and buoyancy thrusts.

It mounts the Cayman handle and the head of the XXV series with the possibility of being used with traditional tires, with circular rubber or with both.

Equipped as standard with Power 18 rubber bands and 6.3 mm stainless steel shaft. It is made in sizes 80, 90, 100 and 110 cm. The one-piece castle is built in shock-resistant 6,6 loaded nylon while the thermoplastic cover allows for an easier and safer grip.

The mechanism is housed in the upper castle and fixed with stainless steel or 5 turned pins.

The line release is lateral with a cam movement separated from the release system.

Die-cast walnut in stainless steel. Trigger, line release and some pins in Grivory EMS. The characteristic plug at the end of the castle considerably facilitates the loading of the weapon resting on the fisherman´s chest.

The butt pad is interchangeable on the two models and is made of loaded Nylon 6.6.

The muzzle is made of nylon 6,6 loaded. It is precisely fixed on the barrel by means of a Grivory EMS plug. The material used allows the head to be used with rubber bands that mount plastic or stainless steel ferrules. The line slide is obtained by means of a stainless steel clip firmly fixed on the head.

The retaining tooth fits into the notch of the rod hooking it to the trigger mechanism.